Pest Control in Delhi NCR region.

Pest control is known as the most rated and effective method to control infected species called pests. They spread many diseases that may cause by the arrival of these tiny insects. Therefore pest control is a must activity . Pest control play very important for the betterment of your home, garden, yard, and office because rodents and insects are responsible for carrying diseases which can be really harmful. All pest can bite you and your infant . They destroy kitchens, bathrooms and more importantly your bedrooms. If you choose pest control service from your home can keep you maintain healthy & safe environment. Rodents and pests carry various types of harmful viruses that need to control. Many kind of pest exist in this nature so it carry can make major medical issues like Asthma and many more.

Pest control is regular activity .Why we take Pest Control Service?

Maintain healthy environment at your home-

Regular pest control maintain safe and healthy environment. Its protect your house and kitchen bathroom from Rat, cockroaches. Its increases the life of your furniture like sofa , bed from bed bugs. Pest control activity maintains your building long lasting from Termite.

Protect your shop ,storage rooms from unwanted pest-

everyone knows the weather of Delhi . Its always carries the humid climate in rainy season that crosses the limits of hot, semi-arid climate, which attracts a unwanted of pests, such as termites, cockroaches, rodents, flies and mosquitoes. Termites and rodents, in particular, can cause physical damage to properties, leading to financial crisis for property owners as well as customers health risks.

Why you choose our pest control services?

If you want to get pest control services around your home and offices , jiyanshi Pest Control serves you cheaply and reasonable rates . we assure that we will provide you quality service. we offer free inspection of home and offices. It is our pleasure to provide highly effective pest control on sheduled day to our esteemed customers. We offer guaranteed pest control services that are completely safe, environment friendly and incur no adverse effect on human life we always use good quality and herbal products.

Main pest control services of our company-

Goal of our organization is to make hygienic and safe environment .we use organic and herbal product available in the market. It does not produce any harmful gas that affect any health issues on living life.

-Termite Control Services

-Bed Bugs Control Services

-Rat/Rodent Control services

-Mosquitoes Control Services

-Cockroaches Control services

Key points of our pest control -

Bed bugs control

Bed Bugs Control

Key points of our services

Free site inspection.

Herbal and odorless chemical used in the process.

Customer Support 24 hours.

Maintain hygiene.

Follow all the covid 19 guidelines

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